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Below are some of the frequently asked questions about WICKSoft Mobile Documents.  If you have a question that is not answered here please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@WICKSoft.com.

  • Is WICKSoft Mobile Documents Secure?

  • What models of the Wireless Handheld does WICKSoft Mobile Documents support?

  • My company has 100's of mobile users. Will it take a long time to deploy WICKSoft Mobile Documents to them?

  • Our network has thousands of groups and thousands of servers. Will it take long to setup WICKSoft Mobile Documents for our users?

  • Will WICKSoft Mobile Documents work in a multi-domain environment?

  • Will I have to open up any additional ports on my network?

  • Will users be able to access files they shouldn't be able to?

  • I have sensitive information on my network that can't leave the office. Will WICKSoft Mobile Documents be able to secure it?

  • Will WICKSoft Mobile Documents users be able to see the entire network?

  • We have a lot of users in different roles. Can I provide my users with access to only the resources they need without spending too much time?

  • I work for a small organisation and am the only person with a BlackBerry. Is WICKSoft Mobile Documents for me?

  • What types of files can I view with WICKSoft Mobile Documents?

  • Can I edit files using WICKSoft Mobile Documents?

  • How long does it take to install WICKSoft Mobile Documents?

  • Will I need to make changes on my Domain Controller, eDirectory, or BES?

  • Where do I install WICKSoft Mobile Documents Server?

  • Can I transfer files using WICKSoft Mobile Documents?

  • What is Resource Trust Verification?

  • What can I access with WICKSoft Mobile Documents?

  • How much does it cost?

  • Can I use WICKSoft to access Microsoft Exchange on an iPhone?

  • Not listed in our FAQ?